Gone are the days of Polaroid-style Photo Booths! You Snap Now is proud to bring you the latest in Photo Booth technology that will provide a professional and stress-free experience. Our award-winning Booths are manufactured right here in Australia and are packed full of the latest features. With 15-18MP Digital and DSLR (Canon) Cameras, quality DNP dye-sublimation printers, the most advanced automated capturing and design software, and Telstra internet coverage for Social Media upload capabilities - you know you're getting a high-quality and reliable Photo Booth when hiring with You Snap Now. Our Booths are also ideal for corporate and commercial applications and can be fully branded with your material for your next promotional event - they even allow you to capture valuable demographical data from your clients through pre-designed questionnaires - ask us for further info!


Depending on your Package, our Booths are accompanied by quality props, sleek carpeted entrances, stanchions with velvet ropes, and LED programmable mood lighting to create that party vibe!  In the lead-up to your event we put you in full control in allowing you to manage your Booking, Booth Preferences and Upgrades online via our Booking Management tool.


Most importantly however, our Booths are complimented by exceptional service by our friendly and dedicated team. With quality-built photo booths any interruption to their operation is exceptionally rare, although for the Air Booth and Platinum Classic Booths, your on-site fun & bubbly Photo Booth Attendant is there to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Our DIY (un-attended) Selfie Smart Booths on the other hand are designed with the greatest reliability. In the highly unlikely event of a malfunction, rest assured 24/7 metropolitan mobile support is only a phone call away! The Selfie Smart Booths are so advanced our support team can even remotely access the operating system of the booths from our office in the highly un-likely event of any glitches! 



Direct Social Media Upload

Included with All Booths

through the Telstra Network!

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